The Basics of Kontakt Sampling (eBook)

Wanted to make your own sample instruments and libraries using Kontakt but didn’t know where to start? Start right here!



This eBook will take you through the basic steps of creating a very simple sample library from start to finish, and give you the foundations of for building your Kontakt sampling skills!

Topics include:

  • Planning and recording your samples
  • Effective editing
  • Importing and organising into Kontakt
  • Creating custom graphics and UI features
  • Scripting basic default and custom UI features
  • Troubleshooting

All of this is explained in easy-to-understand language – no coding experience required!



  • PDF


  • A PDF reading capable device
  • A working knowledge of audio/music production
  • A very basic understanding of what Kontakt is


What Does This eBook Offer?

The Basics of Kontakt Sampling will take you through the steps in making a very basic sample library in Native Instruments’ flagship sampler Kontakt, and it’ll give you the know-how to build on this and take these skills as far as you like.


Do I Need Any Coding Experience To Understand This?

Nope! Absolutely none necessary. It’ll certainly help, but Kontakt’s scripting language (KSP) is meant to be simpler than your average code like C++ or XML. Many people over the years have gone on to make workable and successful sample libraries in Kontakt without any previous coding knowledge.


Do I Need The Full Version Of Kontakt?

While this eBook won’t require you to do any scripting, if you’re reading this then I take it you’re planning on making your own Kontakt instruments! If that’s the case, then the full version of Kontakt will be necessary. While many sample libraries do run on the free Kontakt player, creating those libraries in the first place does require the full version.


Can You Tell Me How To Make Sample Libraries For Kontakt Player?

Sadly not! Only very well-established developers can be granted the relevant software and licenses from Native Instruments in order to create libraries for the free Kontakt player. As that’s something we have  no experience with (yet), it’s not covered in this eBook.


Are There Any Other Required Programmes/Software Needed To Get Started?

None! that’s the beauty of Kontakt really – you can go into great detail without having to spend a small fortune on any additional software (beyond full Kontakt). We do however recommend using a good text editor for scripting, which you can then copy/paste into Kontakt’s script editor. We specifically recommend SublimeText with Nils Liberg’s KSP package (which is totally free, although donations are welcome). It’s specifically created with KSP in mind, and can save a lot of time writing out the code and troubleshooting. It’s also a lot clearer visually than just writing things out in Kontakt’s cramped window.




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