Be Careful Meeting In Groups



Kontakt is a wonderful and very powerful tool. It can take the roughest, rawest audio files and with the right skill, turn them into ultra-professional samples and VST instruments ready for use in big budget blockbusters. It can take ideas and turn them into the “USP” of a game soundtrack. It can take in tonnes of data and turn it into a monetised, marketable product to boost a composer’s “sound” or image.

Which is why it’s especially perplexing and frustrating that it’s GUI is, quite frankly, full of prime Grade A crap.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that editing the samples pre-Kontakt, you need to take good care of your health and wellbeing because it is exhausting. That’s still very true for mapping and editing in the sampler. The windows are tiny, the writing small and pixelated, and the colouring and graphic design does little to put a newbie at ease. It is no doubt one of the worst pieces of software for people like me who lack perfect 20/20…

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