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The concept of Audio Artemis is a place for women and other marginalised genders (womxn) to sell their samples, sample instruments and libraries and in doing so, helping to rebalance the industry. It’s also a place for womxn to share advice and tips and product demos.

Although this place is primarily for people who have been left out or left behind in the sampling world because of their gender, anyone is welcome to check out and buy the products on offer. Financial support is a valuable tool in helping to sustain this community and redressing the gender imbalance.

If you identify as a woman or another marginalised gender and would like to sell your work or engage in the sampling community here, click the “Register and Login/out” page under the “Members” tab.


The Team

Site Manager: Jo Ranger

Jo Ranger is a classically-trained musician and composer living in London. She is a member of the BFI Network x BAFTA film crew 2019-20, she currently stands as an original member of the Ivors Academy Youth Council, and she is a holder of both a Bachelors degree in Music (University of Sheffield – 2018) and a Masters in Composing for Film and TV (Kingston University – 2020). During her short time in the industry so far, she has worked on a variety of projects such as short and feature films, production music, and artist albums. She is currently writing her first EP of trombone solo music.

Despite being a keen user of sample libraries of all varieties for a number of years, she’s only recently got into sampling and scripting herself. Nonetheless, she’s created a few instruments and libraries that you can find for sale here. She’s also keen to help other womxn in their sampling journeys, and is happy to be support others through sampling and scripting services that she can offer.

If you’d like to get in touch with Jo, you can send a message on the “Contact” page, or alternatively send an email to jo@audioartemis.com.

Visit her website


Social Media: Helen Lynch

Helen Lynch is a multi-disciplinary composer, musician, and teacher based in Ireland. A graduate of University College Cork and the world famous Pulse College, Helen is passionate about music that perfectly combines with visuals to tell stories, and spreading her love for music with others. She is a talented violinist, guitarist, and pianist, and has helped countless pupils reach their musical goals.

Now she’s turning her attention more to sampling, and the incredible potential for womxn and other underrepresented people in the media music industry it offers.

If you’d like to get in touch with Helen, you can contact her through her Twitter, or by sending an email to helen@audioartemis.com. 



Through advocacy, support and education, the Alliance for Women Film Composers aims to increase the visibility of women composers active in media scoring. The AWFC advocates for the inclusion of women composers within industry events; supports filmmakers, game developers and studios in their inclusion of women composers; and educates, mentors and inspires emerging women composers.

Audio Artemis would like to particularly thank the AWFC’s UK Director of Relations Jenna Fentimen for all the support she has provided so far, and for just being an all-round great gal!


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