PERSEVERANCE – NEW sample library out NOW!

“Perseverance” is science in the making – forged using the actual sounds of NASA’s latest Mars rover, and hauntingly uneasy trumpet noises.

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About Jo & Audio Artemis

Jo Ranger is a composer, orchestrator, audio samplist, and musician. Hailing from Wiltshire and living in south east England, she’s worked on a wide variety of projects including film, TV, production music, sample libraries, and artist albums. Notable composing works so far include British Council backed documentary film I Am Michelle, The Last Guest with fellow BAFTA crew members and starring Harry Potter’s Nick Moran, and 1NS made with NYFA “Emerging Brits”. She’s also written production music, and released an EP of neoclassical solo trombone music Colours for Trombone, which was written and performed by Jo and recorded at the Abbey Road Institute in Abbey Road Studios.

She’s also the founder of Audio Artemis – the initiative for women and gender minorities in audio sampling, and makes a number of sample libraries herself, as well as helping to teach others how to make their own libraries. She provides orchestration and additional music on projects, including composer and Scala Radio presenter Luci Holland’s award winning score for Sayo, and works as a session trombonist. A recent project includes providing trombone for an Amazon Prime series starring Chris Pratt, which is due for release in 2022.

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